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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Small Business IT Consulting: The Micro Small Business Environment

Working with micro small businesses can be tough. They generally have fewer than 10 computers and bring in less than $1 million in yearly revenue. Since the most they will ever pay is maybe $90 per hour and they seldom need help, this can be a hard area to break into.

The primary difference between small businesses and micro small businesses is that micro businesses don't have a dedicated server. Many times the competition is willing to work for less money than you, so you are forced to either lower your rates or lose the clients.

Your biggest advantage over the competition is that most of them have day jobs so they are unable to help the customers quickly. Instead, the micro small business can call you to come in immediately to offer assistance. Generally, though, micro small businesses are a good start, but with the low rates and little need of IT services, you need to begin looking for larger clients in the future.

Learn more about working with micro small businesses in the full article (link above).

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