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Monday, May 22, 2006

Small Business IT Consulting: What Micro Small Businesses Look For

Micro small businesses have different needs than other small businesses. They have specific issues to deal with and need certain things from you to be successful.

Software Background

Part of your consulting should be based on your strong knowledge of software applications. You should be familiar with many programs, especially those that come standard with popular operating systems like Windows and Mac OS.

Operating Systems Knowledge

When working with micro small businesses, you will mostly need to know about the Microsoft Windows operating system. Some clients, however, may be using Linux or Mac operating systems, so be prepared to deal with the challenge.

Security and Networking Ability

From anti-virus protection to personal firewalls, you should be able to take care of the basics for micro small businesses. You should also be able to work with popular brands of routers and be able to set up a small network.

To learn more about what micro small businesses are looking for, read the entire article.

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