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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Solution Providers Excited About Joint Effort by SAP and Microsoft

A new product from SAP and Microsoft with the code name Mendocino is set to ship next month. The marketing campaign for the new product, called Duet started last Tuesday.

Solution providers have been excited about the expected new product since last year when the two software companies announced their plans for the Duet package, which will allow users to get data from their SAP ERP systems while in Microsoft Office. The initial release of Duet will have limited abilities, but still solution providers are interested in the possibilities of the idea; more than 100 have already signed up for the new version.

The first release of Duet will deal with integration of budget monitoring, calendar and leave-management synchronization that will be accomplished through Microsoft Outlook and several other human resources functions.

In the year’s second half, SAP and Microsoft will add two new Duet versions that will support five more functions for mySAP ERP, CRM and SRM (supplier relationship management).

While the price of Duet has not yet been determined, more details are expected to emerge this week during a press conference on Tuesday. The software will be the focus of SAP’s Sapphire user conferences at the end of this month in Orlando, Florida and Paris. The product will be available to solution providers in June.

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