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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Solution Providers Talk About HP and Staples

Yesterday Hewlett Packard solution providers stated they saw no competition problem with the HP-Staples large format printer deal. HP just announced that Staples has started color printing services featuring HP large-format printers at its Copy and Printer Centers housed in over 1,250 stores throughout the U.S. Staples already offers HP printers and computers as part of its sales.

Solution providers are saying that the deal is definitely directly competitive with Fedex-Kinko’s and is an excellent opportunity for resellers and partners that deal with and repair HP printers. Some solution providers say they do sales and service of HP large format printers and look forward to the increased opportunity to work with Staples in a new capacity.

Both individual consumers and businesses are looking at printing services like those Staples offers because they feel more comfortable taking their larger jobs to a reliable local print shop than buying a large format printer for thousands of dollars. Plus, those at the print shop better understand the software because they work with it on a daily basis.

The retailer’s printer and copier centers will offer HP Designjet 130nr printers that provide photo enlargements, posters, signs and banners. This series presents six-color printing and is perfect for professional graphic design, photography, fine art reproduction and proofing. The biggest benefit of this program is that it offers prices much less expensive than those at Kinko’s.

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