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Friday, May 12, 2006

Technology Consultant Project Management – The 5 Stages of a Project

Stage I: Initiation

Whether you initiate a project or a client approaches you, everyone need to agree upon the goals and objectives of the project as well as target dates for each project objective before beginning.

Stage II: Planning

After stating the objectives, the technology consultant will begin to plan the project by determining necessary resources, detailed explanations of actions, and establish contact names and decision makers.

You will also want to use this time to determine how and when payment will take place. Most of the time a percentage of the price is due up front while the rest is paid in parts upon the completion of each project phase.

Stage III: Implementation

Communication is essential during this phase. The technology consultant must be able to lead all team members, hire company employees, and keep the client abreast of all the changes.

Stage IV: Motivating and Monitoring

You must monitor a project on an ongoing basis. Even one small setback can completely change a project's time line. Request regular progress reports and team meetings so that everyone will be aware of the progress and any changes.

Stage V: Close

If you follow all five stages of project management, then you probably finish on time and within budget. Sometimes delays occur, though, that are beyond your control. Meet these challenges so that the project ends on a positive note. Your main objective is to have a satisfied client.

Posted by Joshua Feinberg