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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Benefit for Computer Consulting Business Clients of Services

Dead-end solutions can be huge mistakes for computer consulting business clients or prospects, so as an effective consultant you need to show them the intricacies and benefits of your proposed network.


Computer consulting business clients and prospects need to hear about server hardware and OS/NOS selection, along with how their performance will improve as you add components such as more RAM, faster processors and others. You should explain how your specific computer consulting business’ prospects and clients can get the best power boost at the lowest cost by committing to hardware upgrades on servers after you’ve implemented the solutions.

Once you have discussed the benefits of these procedures, talk about the clients’ options in the future. Small business owners and other entrepreneurs are typically very optimistic and will want to hear that your solutions are in line with their own vision of their companies down the road.


You should show how your network solution offers a good growth path to a more application-rich future. Then talk about alternatives, such as Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/XP and how they will limit your computer consulting business clients. Whatever you do, display how your proposed networking solution and centralizing data helps protect a client’s IT investments by allowing for greater version control.


With a decentralized and disorganized P2P network, there can be conflicting and multiple versions of Microsoft Word or Excel data files. A well-designed client/server network with consistent methods for naming and a very clear share and folder structure will help prevent confusion.

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