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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Client Data Protection and Computer Consulting Services

As someone in the computer consulting services business you need to get the idea across to clients that a dedicated server is the best way to create strong user passwords. Clients should do the following to ensure the best password protection: make users change passwords at a pre-determined frequency; disallow recycling passwords; eliminate blank password use; encourage employees to choose passwords at mix letters and numbers and upper and lower case letters.


If a client is using a PC that is part of a P2P network and also acting as a server and a workstation, it will inevitably someday accidentally get rebooted. You should always warn clients of ways a P2P server can be rebooted accidentally, and the ramifications of a server going down without warning. The worst event is that data files get corrupted and hours of company work are lost. A dedicated server system prevents this problem simply and efficiently.


With a P2P network, servers can appear throughout the computer consulting services clients’ office when users set up file and printer shares on PCs. With a client/server network, files are centrally located and protected from events that occur due to hardware problems, accidental deletion, power problems, hacking, general sabotage and viruses.


When you are a computer consulting services provider, you need to tell your clients that backup of data files is absolutely critical in a decentralized file storage network environment. Ask them how they would like to set up data backup, whether by using an external tape backup drive or manually.

You should have computer consulting services clients think about antivirus updates on servers and advise them on how to handle P2P networking and other important issues.

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