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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Computer Business Games Media Properties Announces Partnership with AOL

Computer business Games Media Properties, about to run the first World Series of Video Games stated it was entering into a partnership with AOL in order to create an online presence for the international gaming tournaments and the World Series video game tournaments.

The partnership between these two forces in the computer business will last for the length of the World Series of Video Games, including the finals, where world champions will be named for many different Xbox and PC games.

AOL will create a co-branded area on the AOL Games website with news and video coverage of all the World Series events. AIM pages profiles of select participants along with tips and tricks from pro game players and an events calendar will also be featured on the site.

AOL will run online tournaments for the game “Counter Strike 1.6” and “Quake 4” as singular events and as pre-qualification rounds for the official World Series events.

The World Series and AOL will also plan more features that will involve popular players from the World Series, blogs, video interviews and others.

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