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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Computer Business Linux Announces New Mobile Technology

Recently six different companies tied to computer business Linux stated they would work together to create an open Linux-based package for mobile handsets. The companies involved are Motorola, NEC Corp., NTT Docomo, Inc., Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics and Vodafone Group.

Together, these companies will create technology for the computer business that will get the Linux item designed by the end of the year, and will invite other participants from mobile phone and semiconductor industries. The companies will together create architecture for mobile phones and support for source code-based tools that will help check compliance.

The second and third vendors in the global phone market are Motorola andd Samsung, directly behind Nokia. While Panasonic is the tenth-ranked mobile phone vendor, it is second ahead of NEC, which is third in Japan, according to experts in Tokyo research company MM Research Institute, Ltd.

Some industry specialists state that the new Linux system will compete against Symbian directly, a new mobile operating system. However, the announcement of computer business Linux’s mobile device does not mean that the largest carrier in Japan, Docomo prefers the concept of Linux. Docomo says the handsets it has been developing are going to be about half and half Linux and Symbian.

Some mobile phone vendors are using Linux for their products, but because the technology has yet to be perfected, some devices are incompatible even when used on the same Linux systems. The company’s latest initiative plans to help develop Linux technologies further to prevent these problems.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg