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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Computer Business Microsoft’s Live Labs Presents Updated Security Services

Computer business Microsoft released beta security web services recently. These security services were released from Microsoft’s Live Labs Group and will be included in the new Windows Vista.

The computer business created Live Labs earlier in the year. Headed by Yahoo Researcher Gary Flake, Live Labs is designed to help Microsoft meet tight development deadlines in order to complete with Google and Yahoo. One of the two new offerings from the computer business titled “Microsoft Live Labs Security Token Service” is a web-based identity service allowing users to store authentication functions on Microsoft server the use them to log into supporting websites.

Even though Microsoft remained quiet about developments, the new STS technology that would replace the long-suffering Microsoft Passport sign-on service that was pulled from non-Microsoft sites late in 2004.

The second beta release from Live Labs was called “Microsoft Live Labs Relay Service” and allows Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to use systems through security defenses such as firewalls and NATs. WCF was once code named “Indigo” and part of the WinFX package, and is a Windows Vista technology allowing programs to communicate locally or remotely.

Both the beta services are dependent upon Explorer 7 Beta 2 browser.

Created By: Joshua Feinberg