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Monday, June 26, 2006

Computer Consulting Business: Hardware Warranty Services

Hardware warranty services can be a business owner's best friend. If you have numerous technicians, you can easily point one of your less-experienced technicians to take care of these problems. If you are the entire company, though, you'll want to use the manufacturer's hardware warranty services and their nationwide network of service providers.

Before sending off the hardware, make sure you have all the details about the warranty, including what you should be charged and how quickly the product should be returned. If the vendor is going to pressure your client to do their own service, find out whether your client is willing to pay you to take care of it.

If possible, have the internal guru schedule the call to the vendor for a time when you will already be at the client's office for another consulting service. At the very least, make sure the internal guru will be available during that time to supervise the visiting technician so that more problems and costs are avoided.

To learn more about hardware warranty services, read the whole article (link above).

Posted by Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit