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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ConSentry Networks Launches Certified Training Program for Customers, Distributors, VARs

ConSentry Networks announced today that they will be launching a certified training program for customers, distributors, and VARs. The foremost provider of LAN solutions will be providing coursework that will cover everything from installation to configuration to management and troubleshooting of their LANShield Controller and LANShield Switch.

The ConSentry Certified Associate program will be led by a certified instructor over two days for the basic program or three days for the advanced program. Some partners have already completed the instruction with success.

According to Shigeru Ishii, group leader of engineering in the security business unit with Nissho: "This is a rigorous and challenging program that will enable our customer service organization to deliver superior technical support."

Franklin Grosvenor, ConSentry's vice president of operations, said, "As a rapidly maturing company with a fast-growing customer and partner base, the demand for comprehensive training programs is intensifying. That's why we're rolling out a world-class training program with two tiers of certification. While our LANShield systems are extremely easy to install and deploy, they support highly sophisticated post-admission policies. With our new certified training, customers and partners will be able to take full advantage of the visibility, user access, and threat control functionality of the LANShield product family."

Learn more about the program pricing and availability in the complete article (link above).

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