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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

CSI Digital Introduces New Content Product for Solution Providers

CSI Digital announced yesterday it would be introducing the Trident wholesale product suite for solution providers. The new product will be ready to deliver to customers September 1st. This product makes CSI Digital the first company to deliver three digital services – voice, video and data – as a solution for content providers.

CSI Digital will distribute Trident to a variety of different agents, including Multiple System Operators, cable companies, telecom operators and ISPs along with other types of solution providers looking to get into the triple-play market. The company also offers all its products to retail providers in housing, hospitality, municipality, university and master planned community markets.

The Trident launch will allow service providers and solution providers to get affordable digital content and deliver it simply to clients. Typically many have spent millions of dollars just for the opportunity to distribute this type of digital video content without the addition of other services that Trident offers.

This new product for solution providers offers the ability for individuals to enter new markets, send products quickly at a fraction of regular cost, label the services privately, deliver prepackaged and bundled services and products and offer the best product.

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