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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Data Security and Prevention Discussed By Joshua Feinberg

Recent news reports about high profile computer and identity theft have been highlighting the devastation that can result when data security is compromised. Stricter security measures and preventative techniques can help both users of traditional PCs and laptops understand how to protect themselves against losing or leaking important company information.

Expert Joshua Feinberg of Computer Consulting 101, the West Palm Beach, Florida-based firm that offers business development for small business consultants endorses the following tips for keeping data secure and preventing major data security catastrophes:

1. Educate computer users about security.
2. Assign security responsibility.
3. Establish and enforce use policies.
4. Use a Firewall.
5. Use comprehensive anti-spyware and antivirus programs.
6. Use password authentication.
7. Keep sensitive information on the server.
8. Use reputable security firms to monitor the network.
9. Use encryption.
10. Back up files.
11. Treat laptops like PCs.
12. Ensure physical security.

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