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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Data Security: An Ounce of Prevention

Data security has been a huge concern for IT consultants and companies around the world. Just as we all believed that companies were taking the warnings more seriously, an Aetna employee left her laptop in the car and had it stolen recently.

Thousands of records were put in jeopardy from the lack of prevention and foresight by both the company and its employee. What we realize from this is that we're not out of the woods and that companies need training on proper data security.

"When I log into my computer at work every day, there's a message that the computer is property of the company and other security reminders," said Al Decker, executive director of Electronic Data Systems (EDS), an enterprise risk-management company based in Piano, Texas. Although people might begin to ignore the warnings, the most important aspect for Decker is that people realize the dangers.

Take the following steps to prevent trouble at your company:

  1. Educate Computer Users About security
  2. Assign Security Responsibility
  3. Establish and Enforce Use Policies
  4. Use a Firewall
  5. Use Comprehensive Anti-Spyware and Antivirus Programs
  6. Use Password Authentication
  7. Keep Sensitive Information on the Server
  8. Use Reputable security Firms to Monitor the Network
  9. Use Encryption
  10. Back Up Files
  11. Treat Laptops Like PCs
  12. Ensure Physical security

Learn more about proper data security when you read the whole article (link above).

Submitted by Computer Consulting 101