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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Demand for IT Consultants in the UK Rises in 2005

In 2005, the demand for IT consultants in the UK rose fifteen percent, producing the largest freelance technology yearly earnings in the nation’s history, £1.63billion. Results of Contractor UK analyses of figures reflect the idea that many client companies are choosing to engage in creative projects instead of cost reduction projects like outsourcing.

The demand for system developers, integrators and designers has risen above the demand for very straight IT consultants. A spokesperson stated recently that the companies that most asked for IT consultants were those that wanted to improve their existing systems to get the best value or reduce their overall costs using creative ideas.

Contractor UK also stated that higher end IT consultants have done better than those that focused on commodities. In the private business sector, IT consultants were most needed among energy companies, but both public and private sector companies sought out IT consultants with specialties in strategic development, technical architecture and supplier selection.

The climate has also been changing due to the decreased number of IT consultants that bill time. Many are realizing the benefits of developing long-term partnerships with a fixed fee. These long-term relationships have helped IT consultants share the rewards of new practices with companies and create a spirit of collaboration.

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