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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Easy Computer Consulting 101 PC Help

Most small businesses need to enlist the support of a local computer consulting firm, but sometimes solving PC problems is as easy as one simple word: reboot. Rebooting when trouble arises rather than calling your computer consulting firm representative can potentially save time and valuable IT budget dollars.

To reboot, simply exit out of all files and programs the follow the typical restart process. Ten to twenty percent of the time this will solve the problem. If you suspect your PC issues are related to a sound card or a mouse or any other hardware implement, go one step further in the reboot process. Exit out of programs and files, then carry out a shut down sequence and, assuming your computer did not power off on its own, turn the machine off for a minute or more. Power it back on and see if the problem has resolved itself.

To save yourself and your computer consulting expert time and energy, always reboot before making a potentially expensive call.

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