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Monday, June 05, 2006

Evaluation Strategies for Potential Clients

It’s important for you to determine if potential clients can become steady clients. Accepting clients you will see one or two times per year is fine, but when you’re just starting out in the industry you do need a roster of steady customers that can bring you reliable income. Potential clients can become steady clients if they are able to produce $500 or more per month in revenue. The following tips can help you evaluate potential clients for the long term.


Finding out about the following items can help you gauge the potential of prospective clients:

1. Current number of PCs. If the business is a two-person operation with a married couple working at home, chances are they will not have $500 per month to spend. Look at micro businesses with 8 to 10 computers and a dedicated server.
2. Current support. Determine whether your potential client keeps up with maintenance, as prospects that know the value of this process are typically easier to work with than those that don’t understand the importance of technology. You also want to find out who is providing the support for your prospective clients, and whether they pay these people or if they trade in services or use volunteers. The chance of someone with volunteers or unpaid support giving you $500 per month for your help is not good. If the client is paying for support, figure out the ballpark of what is currently being paid.

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