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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Five Things You Should Know Before Installing Vista Beta 2

Wednesday Microsoft posted a public beta version of its Vista OS. Channelweb, however, warns that there are five things you should know before downloading of purchasing this beta version of Vista.
  1. DVD-RW Required – In order to download and use the beta version, you will need a DVD-RW. The only way to use the program is to burn it to a DVD. Otherwise, you'll have to order it from Microsoft for $10 and wait 2-4 weeks for it to arrive.

  2. It Won't Last – As with most Microsoft previews, the Vista beta will quit working after one year, so if Vista hasn't been released by June 2007, then you're simply out of luck.. Microsoft has made no clear statement of what will happen if they delay again.

  3. No Turning Back – According to Microsoft, "Once you install Windows Vista Beta 2 you cannot roll back to the previous operating system installation -- you will either have to acquire and install the final released edition of Windows Vista or reinstall a previous edition of Windows. Before installing Windows Vista Beta 2 on any computer, please remember to back up all your files."

  4. Clean Install Required – Microsoft warns that "You may not be able to upgrade your installation of Windows Vista Beta 2 to the final, commercially available edition of Windows Vista." Basically, that means that a clean install where you wipe your hard drive clean may (and when Microsoft says may, it usually means will) be required.

  5. Lots of Problems – When Microsoft uses the following warning label, take caution. "Before you decide to use Beta 2, you should feel comfortable with installing operating systems, updating drivers, and general PC troubleshooting," the company says on the Beta 2 download page. "Some risks of using beta operating systems include hardware and software incompatibility and system instability." Users are already finding strange problems such as programs continually trying to reinstall and the inability to access previous programs.

Instead of loading Vista Beta 2 onto your main computers, load it onto a backup computer you rarely use if you're just itching to try it out. Remember to back up anything on the computer first or you may never see it again.

Learn more about Vista Beta 2 in the full article (link above).

Added by Joshua Feinberg