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Thursday, June 08, 2006

For Dell, industry standard now includes Linux

Microsoft is continually feeling pressure from the growing number of Linux users in the world. To make matters worse, their new software, Vista, is continually getting delayed and receiving bad press. Now, Dell has announced that Linux is becoming an industry standard as 25% of their customers use the popular software.

Dell has been selling Red Hat Linux products for a while, but now they are also planning to expand their offerings to Novell/SUSE Linux products as well. The company has become experienced with assisting customers with the conversion from Unix to Linux and can now handle most support calls on their own.

According to Martin Hingley, vice-president of the European Systems Group at analysts IDC, Dell does have a few problems to overcome. "Dell has always said 'you can partner with us, just don't expect to get any hardware margin, that's not the way we work.' Dell will tell you that they do [partner] but it is something like 47 European companies for the whole of Europe. You look at IBM and it is something like 200 companies in Germany alone. So from the scale point of view, for the enterprise, how do you stand up and represent a strong partnership when you are not part of an ecosystem?"

Learn more about Dell and Linux in the full article (link above).

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