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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fostering a Virtual IT Business Through Ongoing Services

Small business computer consultants often sell their companies as virtual IT departments because it gives them steady business.


Virtual IT involves becoming a client’s outsourced IT department. Instead of selling customers PCs, servers, routers, Wi-Fi cabling and other products, you choose how they design their networks and look at specific business problems and how they can be solved with technology. Yourr firm becomes your clients’ IT manager or virtual CIO. Virtual IT is a flexible technical services plan that allows small businesses access to what they need at the right time so they don’t have to hire a full-time IT staff.


You need to be able to see the opportunities and typical solutions in order to properly give virtual IT services to clients. Ask the following questions:

What are the types of services you can sell to current clients and future clients?

What other opportunities are there with your clients?


You can continue to add value to existing customers and new customers. It’s not about selling network installation, completing it and getting out. You need to check in with clients and give them support after this point. Provide virtual IT on an ongoing basis to help clients avoid emergency and increase productivity for your clients’ business and your own.

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