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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Identity Thieves Lurk in P-to-P Networks

Peer-to-peer networks may not be as safe as they once seemed. Often there are hackers and identity thieves lurking in these networks, ready to take over a computer and steal someone's personal information.

Howard Schmidt, chief executive officer at R&H Security Consulting, said that researchers had found thousands of personal files while researching P-to-P networks. Many employees don't realize that you're not just sharing your music, you're sharing personal files as well.

Schmidt added, "These are real live search strings the bad guys are using: bank such-and-such statement for August, bank such-and-such May statement, account summaries, account stop payment, Internet scams, bank routing information. We've actually found people out there searching for how to make sarin gas."

Hackers can even use Google data to find personal information going over websites. Nowhere is safe and often P-to-P networks are extremely dangerous as employees don't know how to properly use them. Computer consultants need to train their clients to use these networks correctly in order to avoid some of these problems.

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