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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Importance of Sales Lead Management

Many stop focusing on sales lead management when business is going well. When revenue is good, sales lead management is put on hold, which unfortunately means marketing activities become more likely to be needed. When professional service businesses start seeing a lot of revenue, sales lead management can suffer, and the owner starts to work more hours, resulting in many billable hours. However, these billable hours take away from valuable marketing hours.


Sales lead management typically falls away when there is less available time. Attending networking events and conducting follow-ups and sales calls goes away, and phone calls from leads go unreturned for days or weeks. Invoices overtake the need to do good business.

When sales lead management disappears, the business is doomed. As a professional in this industry, you need to keep adding new opportunities to your docket. Keep going to networking events, get new people in your prospect database and get more proposals out.

Of course, not all sales lead management tasks need to be time sensitive. Direct mail is a great technique that can run itself and is financially sound.

Regardless of the sales lead management you use, your time should be spent getting more people on your list of prospects and clients. You never know when leads will become customers, but it is easier to tell when they are already part of your marketing plan.

Your sales lead management strategy is not the most important part. The critical factor is using sales lead management consistently even when your business is doing well in terms of revenue and sales. Sales lead management is a key factor in long-term success.

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