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Sunday, June 25, 2006

IT Consulting Firm Hitachi Hires Industry Leader to Run National High Tech Sector

IT consulting firm Hitachi Consulting, a company run by Hitachi, Ltd. recently appointed Rob Schoenthaler as the vice president of the firm’s High Tech national industry group. This IT consulting company has provided many leading companies with a stronger base, allowing them to grow and making Hitachi a recognized pioneer in the industry. Spokespeople hope that the new appointment of this innovative thought leader will help Hitachi look forward proactively to the future.

Schoenthaler will be based in San Francisco and will help Bay Area Market Leader and Managing Vice President increase services in that area of the country. Before joining Hitachi Consulting, Schoenthaler was a managing director at BearingPoint and was responsible for propelling the Consumer, Industrial and Technology practices. His experience in the IT consulting industry lies in supply chain, product lifecycle management, customer relations and enterprise applications. He began his IT consulting career at Accenture.

Schoenhaler is considered to be an industry thought leader in the IT consulting business and has written ground-breaking articles in many major publications as well as led High Tech conferences, including the Semi Conductor Outlook Conference and others. He has a proven track record of working expertly in the High Tech industry, and will help Hitachi Consulting increase its steadily-growing scope in North America, Europe and Japan.

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