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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

IT Consulting Startups and Partnerships

You may wonder if you should already have partnerships with other companies that provide services you don’t before you start your IT consulting business full-force. The biggest issue with an IT consulting business is satisfying many different needs.


The truth is, having partnerships in place before starting your IT consulting business is not necessary. If you think you have specific weaknesses that will hold you back when looking for prospects, the you may want to find some contractors that can help fill in the gaps with service provided by your IT consulting practice.


When starting your IT consulting business, you should wait until you are more firmly planted in the industry to build on-going partnerships. Once your business is running, meet with a potential partner or contractor about once every other month. You can meet these prospective partners and contractors at chamber events, networking groups, or be referred to them by others. The best potential partners will be at mutual clients’ place of business.

You shouldn’t let a lack of expertise stop the start of your IT consulting business. There will be time in the future to build lasting partnerships.

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