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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

IT Consulting: Women and Career Achievement

Many IT consulting firms, including Surrex Solutions Corporation in California are starting to try to balance out IT staffing and IT consulting; Surrex has developed tools and testing to help managers properly evaluate women in IT fields and help them meet their career goals without losing sight of personal and family responsibilities. This tool comes in response to the fact that more and more senior level and executive level positions have been filled by women in a previously male-centered field.


Women have found that working their way up in an organization is a good way to achieve success in the IT field. However, they have had a hard time with this process because not all organizations have clearly-defined structures that do not lay out a clear path for women’s goals. Other women have decided to build strong relationships with IT staffing professionals to help them find the right organization to help them balance professional and personal goals in a supportive environment. IT staffing professionals can help seek out opportunities for women and get to know each woman so as to best find a position that will nurture her personality and career goals and find a complimentary position.


Women that need more flexibility with daily schedules, projects, industries and geographical location have found what they need in the world of IT consulting. IT consulting is highly flexible, innovative and steadily growing and changing, allowing women to find positions that change as they grow and develop and as their needs change. IT consulting allows women to take control of their careers, and has also increased the importance of IT staffing professionals.

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