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Monday, June 05, 2006

IT Marketing: Postcard Case Study

Sending out postcards is one of the best ways to utilize direct mail. Let's look at a case study so that you can understand exactly what you can expect from a postcard campaign.

One Consultant's Case

Let's say a consultant sends out 300 postcards offering general computer troubleshooting services, automated online data backup and wireless home networks. In order to get the addresses, they bought a series of lists of area businesses broken down by revenue, credit rating, years in business and number of PCs.

The consultant sends the wireless home networks went to homeowners that were over $500,000 in purchase price and the automated online data backup were to people that had a recent new business license. The general services list went out to accountants, lawyers, and small clinics

This was the consultant's report about his experience: "The results so far have been very disappointing, as I have not received a single phone call or response. Are these the wrong lists? Are postcards the wrong media? Do you have any suggestions in this area that may enhance response?"

Our Response

Three hundred postcards may sound like a lot but it really isn't. Although you may not have a lot of responses, maybe not even any, from the campaign, you shouldn't completely give up on sending out direct mail postcards.

Instead, think about the pros: postcards are cheap, easy to read, and effective. Just make sure that the copy sells (hire a professional copywriter if you need to) and work on your lists to be sure they are sent to the right people.

Learn more about using postcards in the complete article (link above).

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