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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Managing Protesting Clients in Small Business Networking

Many clients will get hung up on cost when you start introducing small business networking upgrades. They forget to think about soft costs of not making investments in a network, including diminished employee productivity due to shortcuts, downtime that results from lack of prevention and service costs from computer consultants when low-price solutions do not work.


Even if your initial consultation, IT audit, site survey and network design reports are incredibly comprehensive, you might still find clients objecting to your small business networking solutions. A minor concern might erupt into something that ruins the sale, so you need to be prepared to use techniques that will help eliminate small business networking client deal breakers.

If you use tested strategies, you will less likely feel emotional, defensive or irritated by clients, which will allow you to focus on clients’ problems and their futures along with the sale of the small business networking solution itself. You are only responsible for solving the problems of paying clients, not prospects.


If decision-makers in a company are apathetic about making small business networking a part of their lives, they might not see the benefits and urgency of your proposed solution until weeks, months or even years later. Determining the source of clients’ apathy will help you push the approval process along faster and get better results.

Huge data loss can be an excellent motivation to get rid of feelings of apathy. When confronted with this issue, small business owner will become very interested in your suggestions about small business networking, which will include centralized security and protection of important data.

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