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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Microsoft offers free sales training to Welsh partners

Do you live in the United Kingdom? Do you need some extra sales training? Well, if you're a Microsoft partner you can receive free sales training in a couple of weeks. One of the biggest problems for any computer consultant is sales, and this free training can put you a step ahead of the crowd.

For consultants who focus on small businesses, the Ignite Tour will arrive in Cardiff on June 28. Consultants from all over the UK are invited if they are Microsoft partners. The show is based on research that Microsoft recently carried out in the UK.

According to Karl Noakes, director of channel development and marketing at Microsoft UK, "the primary business challenges facing companies in this groupingrelate to improving business efficiency by driving costs out of the business while making best use of existing resources; flexible working to make people more productive; and collaborative working with suppliers and customers."

Noakes also added, "Smaller businesses that previously didn't need a CRM-type system are now increasingly purchasing those, and Microsoft CRM, coupled with SBS, is quite a compelling proposition for a small business."

To learn more about the sales training, read the whole article (link above).

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