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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

PC Purchases: The Benefits of Adding CD-RW Drives

Whether your clients are considering a desktop or notebook PC purchase, you should encourage them to consider the addition of a CD-RW drive. They will also need to make sure that the software is available to go with their drive.

With notebooks, you often have to buy the brand that the manufacturer uses if you want an internal CD-RW. Adding another brand's CD-RW generally will not work, so they should probably consider purchasing this at the same time they purchase the notebook. Many companies offer this as a free upgrade. Plus, if they're already installed, you'll have fewer problems with them and your clients won't have to pay a lot for support.

Tech Support and Warrranties

The technical support and warranty that your client will receive by shopping at the same place will be worth any money they could otherwise save.

* This one-stop shopping approach also can prove invaluable, as your clients won’t be subjected to the all-too-typical finger-pointing and accountability shirking between a component manufacturer and a PC vendor.

* The bundled CD-RW drive will be covered by the PC’s warranty.

* The incremental cost of upgrading from a standard CD-ROM drive to a CD-RW drive at time of PC purchases is usually minimal.

Learn more about adding CD-RW drives by reading the entire article (link above).

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