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Monday, June 19, 2006

Should You Get Computer Consulting Training Before Clients?

The answer to this question is to get both computer consulting training and clients simultaneously. As an owner of new computer consulting firms, you should do client recruitment and skills development at the same time so you can support your new business and gain valuable experience without missing a step. Taking six months off to do computer consulting training will just leave you trying to make ends meet. You need paying clients to build your business.

Still, the process of opening up your own computer consulting business is really a balance. You also cannot afford to let six months or a year go by without keeping abreast of technical advancements and honing your skills. You need to have the skills required to assertively and competitively bid on small business accounts.


Most small business IT consulting firms and computer resellers usually balance the challenge of computer consulting training vs. getting real paying clients. Some might spend just a couple days per month or per year going to formal classroom training. Many consulting firms also have labs designed for testing and computer consulting training in their offices so firms can work with very basic entry-level server hardware and get valuable practice. These labs are adequate for doing informal, self-guided computer consulting training.


You can belong to different programs that let you get copies of software for your own internal use and to further train yourself. If your computer consulting firm deals in Microsoft and is a Microsoft Certified Partner, you will get specific software that can be used internally. Many vendor partners do the same thing and include it in their annual program membership fee.

The evaluation software obtained through this system will keep technical skills up-to-snuff and help you and your staff internally become very skilled in the software before you take it out to the battlefields.

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