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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Small Business Computer Consulting Sweet Spot

If you have been involved with B2C service delivery and want to switch to B2B service delivery, there are specific tools you need to use to start getting small business clients. But how do you find small business computer consulting clients? If you focus too much on home-based businesses and small businesses with ten or les employees, you might get yourself into trouble. The following are five reasons to avoid micro and home businesses:

1. These types of small business computer consulting clients will have a lot of consumer grade PCs, making them challenging.
2. These customers will also have pirated software and might not be capable of or want to pay to make themselves legal.
3. Clients of this nature will also not want to pay for certain types of services, preferring volunteers and relatives that can get them through what they perceive to be simpler computer problems, and you can’t be better than “free.”
4. IT will not be a priority for these types of small business computer consulting clients, so they won’t need you very often or very soon.
5. These types of clients will be too small to afford real servers and networks.

As a small business computer consulting professional, you will want to look for prospects that have at least eight to ten PCs. These types of companies will probably not be able to get away with a simple P2P network or wait for volunteers and friends to come fix problems at no cost. They will need a real client server network, back-up system, a real UPS and a firewall. And they will need your company to give them more sophisticated solutions to their important business issues.

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