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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Solution Providers Mozilla Fixes 12 Firefox Problems

Solution providers from Mozilla Corp. patched 12 flaws in its Firefox browser, five of which were called “critical.”

Firefox is the fourth update to the 1.5 browser edition, released last November. The holes plugged in are only half of those already patched in April when 24 were fixed.

Danish tracker Secunia called the update “highly critical,” the second highest rating it delivers. Some of the problems could be exploited by hackers to create buffer overflows which can cause system access and the planting of malicious code on a computer. The Mozilla Foundation website has a list of the bugs.

Mozilla also fixed its Thunderbird e-mail client by releasing version, while the SeaMonkey project version 1.0.2 was released to replace the Mozilla browsing suite.

Firefox and Thunderbird can be obtained from the Mozilla Corp. site.

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