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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Speedy IBM Transistor Could Pave Way For Ultra-Fast Computers

With speed being one of the top indicators of business success, IBM's newest innovation could change the way the business works. Their new transistor runs 100 times faster than anything currently available. Transistors are the basic building blocks of all processors and could not only change the way PCs work but also the way digital music players and other technology works as well.

Bernie Meyerson, head of semiconductor research for International Business Machines Corporation, said, "What we've been doing in the last several years is pushing the absolute limits of silicon technology. What we've done in demonstrating this is that we're nowhere near having tapped the limits of silicon performance, and that's very encouraging."

With a speed of 500 gigahertz, the transistor is about 250 times faster than the typical mobile telephone chip. Although the breakthrough is amazing, transistors this fast could not be mass-produced. However, the new technology will increase the speed of processors in the future.

Learn more about the new, fast IBM transistor in the full article (link above).

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