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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Symantec-Microsoft Lawsuit Shows Vista Straining Business Ties

Microsoft has quickly made enemies in recent months with many relating to their new Vista OS. With interests in security software and data storage, Microsoft has been in some trouble lately, and it doesn't look like things are getting better.

Symantec has sued Microsoft. The company claims that Vista misuses data management technology Symantec owns through its Veritas acquisition. In 1996, Veritas agreed to license to Microsoft its Volume Manager software. Microsoft claims to have purchased the rights to the program in 2004 to use with Vista and applied for its own patent. However, once Symantec bought Veritas last year, the company became angry with Microsoft for using its company's software to compete. According to Michael Schallop, director of legal affairs at Symantec:"The idea was not to give Microsoft our IP so that it could be used against us."

In return, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has said, "If you look at our investment in the next version of Windows, security would jump out as the thing we've spent the most time on." Bruce Sunstein, head of law firm Bromberg & Sunstein's patent practice, says, "For Symantec, this is about survival as Microsoft threatens to move more into Symantec's space

Learn more in the full article (link above) about this specific issue and the rest of the problems Microsoft faces as it prepares to release Vista early next year.

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