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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tricks for Computer Consulting Profits

If you own or manage a computer consulting company and are having trouble growing profits, the following seven profit tricks will help you unlock your firm’s potential:

1. Display motivation with small business computer consulting clients and align your computer consulting services to those a virtual CIO for hire would provide. Look for ways to enhance clients’ businesses, not just ways to fix broken desktops or servers.
2. Be dedicated to each project and always try to improve the overall operations of the client company. You need to focus on the long term with computer consulting clients so you can build a lasting relationship that will bring future business and guarantee longevity.
3. Don’t fear creativity. Small business solutions need to be modestly priced and work without a full-time IT staff. This means you will often have to think about solutions creatively.
4. Gauge how your clients’ paper and computer systems work now. Your virtual CIO role involved looking at how current client systems are up to present and future standards. You can complete most of this assessment during IT audits, and it will set you apart from other less engaged computer consulting professionals.
5. See the issues from your clients’ perspective, and find out what their clients neeed from them. You need to have people skills and empathy for business problems as a computer consulting firm owner, but a more sophisticated computer consulting professional will learn about the many hidden layers involved in client business problems.
6. Keep abreast of advances and new technologies. Your clients will depend on your computer consulting firm to tell them what they need to make better business. Don’t let this research and development completely take up your time, but do get a few steps ahead.
7. You should outline and share information you discover with clients. Your research and development and training should be done for the purpose of determining the best platform or tool for computer consulting clients’ needs. Then you need to figure out how to put it in layman’s terms.

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