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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Using IT Marketing to Build Company Awareness

In the IT consulting world, selling a solution is dependent upon building awareness of a problem and asserting that your firm can solve that problem. You also need to show clients that your solution to the problem will be painless.


Seminar marketing is a great IT marketing technique because it reaches a large number of people and can truly build awareness. Seminar marketing is a great alternative to salespeople spending many man-hours going around to businesses and explaining fundamentals to one or two people. This type of IT marketing allows you as an IT specialist to have a room full of prospects and talk to them all simultaneously.


Seminar marketing is not nearly as intimidating for prospects as other types of IT marketing. If you set up good registration and follow-up procedures and have the right qualifications, invitation plan and make the right follow-up calls you can increase your business greatly through seminar marketing.


Publishing a white paper of e-zine will help emphasize seminar marketing and is another great way in IT marketing to conduct lead captures and follow-ups. If you use white papers in conjunction with IT marketing techniques such as direct mail campaigns, you will be offering prospects something of value that they will remember. You can develop the white paper yourself or outsource it to a freelance writer, or simply change something slightly that you receive from one of the reseller programs to which you belong.


Advertise your white paper when doing display ads or direct mailings, and it will give people an excuse to call or go online and ask for something specific. If they are motivated to call you about the white paper, it will give you an excuse to get their information and use them in your future IT marketing campaigns.

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