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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Virtual IT News: IDC Announces Technology Industry Imperatives at Conference

Analysis firm IDC stated on Tuesday that it has released a virtual IT report that predicts by the year 2009 technology-based companies in the U.S. will be spending twice as much for power and cooling as they did to buy their server hardware. This issue took top billing at the IDC IT Forum and Expo in Boston, Massachusetts, where CIO’s gathered to discuss important virtual IT issues.

IDC asked CIO’s to think about their future IT strategies very carefully because of increasing energy prices. IDC analyst Vernon Turner reviewed issues important to virtual IT professionals in a seminar “Aligning IT with Business Objectives.” He specifically discussed the problems inherent in government intervention, organizational structure changes and the increasing CFO presence in the industry.

IDC also presented issues about how regulatory requirements will control planning and business spending relating to disaster recovery, along with how virtual IT will start to gain more ground as virtual IT staff members are recognized more fully. The goal of virtual IT professionals will be to increase levels of service while maintaining and even reducing the cost of providing services.

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