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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Computer Consulting Training or Clients?

Many computer consulting businesses wonder when starting out whether they should get computer consulting training before looking for clients or look for clients and then get necessary training. The best practice is to get both at the same time.

Owners of new computer consulting firms should do client recruitment and skills training simultaneously. You can’t take six months off just to train yourself, because in six months you will not be able to pay the bills. Paying clients are necessary for survival in the computer consulting business.

However, you also can’t afford to let six months pass without honing technical skills because you will stop being able to do higher-end jobs at some point and will lose bidding confidence on certain small business accounts.


Most small business IT consulting firms and computer resellers typically create a balance between computer consulting training and getting clients. Some might spend a couple days a month or a couple weeks per year with formal classroom training. Similarly, most computer consulting firms have lab systems for both testing and computer consulting training in their main offices so firms can work with examples of entry-level server hardware. These lab systems can conduct informal, self-guided computer consulting training on a regular basis.


There are a variety of programs that can help you get copies of software for internal use and training. If you are a Microsoft Certified Partner, for example, your company gets a specific amount of software that can be used internally. A lot of other vendors do the same things for partners as part of their program membership fee. This evaluation software can help improve technical skills, but because the programs are being run internally you and your staff are getting experience before you go into the field.

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