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Monday, July 31, 2006

The First IT Sales Call

You need to carefully research clients and figure out their problems to be successful at IT sales. IT sales calls can be dealt with simply if you are prepared before you go. Do background investigation and figure out how urgent the situation with the client is so you can determine needs specifically and help close IT sales quickly and efficiently. You are the solution to the problem, and you need to present yourself that way.


Ask your clients to tell you about their three biggest computer problems. They will probably not be able to name only three, but this question will at least get them thinking in the right direction. The more information, the better because information is what will help you create the ideal IT sales pitch as a solution to their problems.


This step sounds easier than it actually is, because being the solution to a huge client problem is a complex process. Know what the problem is, then ask specific questions that will spark very logical and reasonable answers. Then put the pieces together and find a cost-effective, viable solution to their problem that you can put into coherent IT sales language.


People can get rather emotional about their computers, and when they talk about their problems regarding technology, they will be equally frustrated. They may even get angry. While this situation can get intense and intimidating, you need to be capable of cutting through the four-letter words and dig up the real problem. Only when you can see the problem can you see the solution and have a chance at closing IT sales.

Created By: Computer Consulting Kit