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Friday, July 28, 2006

How to Deal with the Local Tech Person

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you hire a local computer specialist and it doesn’t work out, which can affect your business immensely. The following tips can help businesses make the right decisions when hiring a local tech person:

1. Look carefully at a company’s legitimacy. The local firm you choose should be in the Yellow Pages. After you determine this, look at the firm’s website to see how professional it is. The website should go deeply rather than just dropping the name without service and support details. You can go a step further by checking out the business with the local Better Business Bureau. Before you take any steps, however, get references and check them well. You should never use a firm that doesn’t provide at least three, four or even five enthusiastic current clients.

2. Find a firm that is the right “fit” for your company. Joshua Feinberg of Computer Consulting 101 states that while a small, one-person computer consulting firm might work well for very small businesses, larger small businesses will absolutely need a firm with more technicians to ensure quick and thorough service. Of course, the larger the firm, the more overhead there will be, so small firms should be prepared to pay for service. If you are a business owner that wants to develop a long-term relationship with one technician, larger firms that send out a different person each time might not be the best choice. The most important thing regarding “fit” is that you are comfortable with the firm and all its representatives.

2. Go for the right billing plan. Small business owners should think about what type of billing option they want and seek that out in potential computer consulting firms. Look into monthly support contracts that can help increase your level of service. However, if you worry about paying for hours you don’t use, you may not want to go this route.

4. Good online monitoring is essential. Online monitoring can help small businesses cut down on their computer consulting costs by helping to keep computer consulting firms and company employees aware of any problems that arise. This can save time and money in the long run for any small business because it not only provides important immediate response, but will let the consulting firm know exactly what is wrong before he/she arrives on site.

5. You should start small when working with any computer consulting firm. Don’t go right into a commitment until you have tested the waters a bit by using the firm on a small project that is not critical. After you gauge the quality of work, you can increase the level of responsibility.

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