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Monday, July 10, 2006

How to Prevent Free Consultation in IT Sales

As a consultant, you need to be sure your IT sales call doesn’t turn into a free consultation. You need to move the sales call to IT sales, and stop focusing on proving how knowledgeable you are and flashing your certifications. Your job in the initial IT sales call is to find out if there is chemistry between you and the prospect.


The initial IT sales call is in part an interview of the prospect to be certain the two of you see things from a similar perspective, that the client could work with your company and that the client resembles other clients you currently have success handling. Since you’ve already asked important questions about the prospect’s platform and other technical issues, this first sales call is about finding out personality and moving the client to IT sales.

Spend about an hour learning about the prospect’s needs and giving away very limited free advice. But, getting to IT sales means you will have to stop the discussion at some point and move the potential client towards discussion of hiring or other billable services such as an IT audit or tech assessment.


You can’t be free forever and still garner a profit. Some small businesses will keep you coming back to ask questions and get information for free, and this never results in IT sales. Stop giving away these services and immediately assess needs before the IT sales call. Think of a solution for their problems ahead of time and be ready to sell a very tangible, half-day IT audit for a couple hundred dollars. If a lager opportunity, such as $50,000 to $100,000 of pure services crops up, risk giving away more than an hour, but make sure you are certain what the situation is before you arrive on site.

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