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Monday, July 31, 2006

How Training Seminars Can Help Computer Service Businesses

Training seminars offer computer service businesses many benefits and are a great way to build a network. They also let you highlight the uniqueness of your business and expose it to many people at once.

If you are going to sponsor a training seminar, be prepared for work. They are not simple to organize or carry out, but they can really be worth it. The following is a list of benefits for hosting a training seminar:

1. Training seminars give you possibly the fastest way to build a large network of qualified prospects. You are exhibiting what you can do and because you are participating in the training seminar with the attendees, they can get to know you and trust you.

2. Training seminars can train people to call you with computer problems.

3. Training seminars train people to recommend you when they hear of others’ computer problems.

4. The two previous benefits of training seminars can create a positive word-of-mouth ad campaign very quickly.

5. Training seminars are a good excuse to follow up with audience members to ask for feedback, ideas for future topics and to survey them on current technology needs.

6. Training seminars present an opportunity to offer special services to the audience that can be incentives for them to call you and set up an appointment.

7. People attending the training seminars stay on your contact list for a long time. You can call them a few times per year and send them mailings, offers, seminars, product announcements and many other valuable opportunities.

Training seminars are well worth the effort for computer service businesses and can help you create a trusting list of contacts and prospects.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg