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Friday, July 07, 2006

How Your Business Image Can Increase Your Credibility

The way others perceive your business image is ultimately out of your control, and even if you have the best intentions, using the wrong marketing strategy can compromise the impression others receive. Projecting professionalism and credibility is the most important thing you can do as part of your business image because these characteristics will be what attracts the best sweet spot clients. In order to manage your business image you need to set clear expectations for yourself and think about how you want others to see your company well before you start meeting with them.

For example, if a computer technician has lettering on the side of his vehicle that states his business services and prices, he is projecting a business image that he is a commodity offering high volume and low cost. This business image will not be favorable in the long run. Being thought of as a very professional and good computer consultant means consistently communicating the appropriate business image every time you are out in the world. Deevelop marketing plans and ad campaigns that project your mission and personality to prospects and clients. If you can make your business image square with your marketing materials, you can better control how others see your credibility, profile and reputation.

Your business image is one of your most important resources as a computer consultant, and you can’t let it get lost because of bad marketing and advertising campaigns. When you are thinking about how to promote your business you should think about how the actions you take will affect your larger business image. A business image will be easy to perpetuate even if it’s not one you want, but changing it after the fact is even harder. Starting with the right business image from the beginning will always be easier in the long run.

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