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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Importance of Relationship Marketing to Your Computer Consulting Business

One of the strongest techniques you can use in the computer consulting business is relationship marketing. Relationship marketing can turn a simple website demo into a $175,000 service revenue opportunity in just a matter of a few years. Relationship marketing helps you make the most out of your money by eliminating the cost of ads, cold calls and door-to-door selling.

The central component of relationship marketing is communicating the appropriate professional image at all times. In any situation, you are marketing your business, and because you are the business, what they think of you they will also believe about your business.


With relationship marketing, each person you encounter will present an opportunity for a relationship. Networking opportunities are important, but building relationships within the businesses you serve is really important as well.

Perhaps you got a lead from one person at a company or have one key contact at a business you currently serve. Those good at relationship marketing have learned that you need way more than one contact because people often change jobs and companies, and you don’t want to lose a client or service contract because your contact left.

When used in the right way, relationship marketing will help develop relationships with multiple people at companies you infiltrate. If you think of everyone as a potential business source, you will know how to use relationship marketing to your advantage. Increase your network within a company of at least a couple people and develop a good relationship.

Since relationship marketing is such a valuable part of any business strategy, you need to focus on how you come across to contacts. If you present yourself as an excellent representative of your computer consulting business at all times, you will be prepared no matter when and where you meet your next prospect.

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