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Sunday, July 09, 2006

In Computer Consulting, a Lot Rides on the Initial Consultation

In IT consulting, the process of selling is really more like a pre-sales meeting that emphasizes consultation. You want to communicate professionalism and individuality to help set you apart from other computer consulting professionals that are selling themselves as a commodity.

You can achieve a lot as a computer consulting specialist if you take an active interest in a prospective client’s business and problems and really understand the issues he is facing so you can find out if you can provide a viable solution.


You might run into situations where you find out unfavorable information about prospects during an initial consultation or before it that makes you not want to work with them. If you witness first-hand strange behavior or hear about it in the news surrounding a prospect, you may want to run the other direction. While it doesn’t sound like good business to turn away a potential client, sometimes you have to in order to protect your business. Doing your homework before the initial consultation will prepare you for whatever might happen.


You may need to take a half an hour to put together materials to bring to your initial consultation. You will also spend half an hour to an hour driving to the meeting site, and then your consultation will probably not start on time or finish when expected. You can expect to spend two or three hours on an initial consultation even if you are incredibly efficient.

Taking your hourly billing rate – the rate you bill for computer consulting service calls – will give you an idea of how much of an investment a consultation is. Because of this fact, you need to do your homework before you go out on a call to make sure the prospect is really the right fit for your computer consulting business. Qualify a client as well as possible before going out on a consultation.

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