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Saturday, July 22, 2006

IT Consultants Need to Work on Small Business Development

If you are an IT consultant just starting out, small business development is absolutely essential. You need to get your name on the market as much as possible and use small business development tactics to set your company in motion.

Reaching out to business organizations is the most important method for small business development. You need to get word out to your entire region, but this amount of coverage will take time. Get to 8-12 events in a month; an effective IT consultant will spend at the very least 15 to 25% of his time on small business development. This means if you work a 40 hour week, more likely a 55 hour week, two days of this should be spent on small business development work.

Some alternative small business development activities include follow-ups, very targeted direct mail campaigns, seminars and networking.

In the first few months of your business, you will probably spend about 50 – 80% of your time cultivating small business development tools. Once you are on your way, you can cut it down. As your client base increases, you can decrease the amount of events you go to per month until you eventually arrive at two to three.

Small business development is much more important than IT training or administrative tasks. You will have time to catch up with these activities once you have enough regular long-term clients.

Just remember that small business development is part of your job as an IT consultant. As you get more clients, your time spent on small business development will decrease, but it will never move to zero.

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