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Thursday, July 06, 2006

IT Consulting Firms ATG and Steria Establish Promising Partnership

Leading IT consulting businesses ATG and Steria recently announced a partnership agreement that would help increase ATG’s European businesses by offering a wider range of consulting and services in Europe. ATG is a top IT consulting firm offering licensed, on-demand technology for e-commerce sites and e-marketing customer service for many enterprises, whereas Steria is one of Europe’s top IT systems integration and consulting services companies.

Spokesperson for ATG, Peter Ford expressed excitement over the new IT consulting partnership and states it will offer Steria customers a chance to enjoy greater services, including an enhanced online customer experience and support services for ATG clients.

Director at Steria Gilles Graziani sees the new patnership with ATG as a chance for the company to give global solutions at faster speeds. ATG’s customer-centric solutions will help Steria clients improve their business relationships and the potential for longer term relationships. ATG’s expertise in marketing, e-commerce and support will enhance the experience on both the customer and the solution provider sides of the equation.

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