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Friday, July 07, 2006

IT Sales: Handling the Initial Call

Preparing before calling is key to having a great initial sales call. As much as it may seem strange to practice, you'll be glad you did when your first sales call goes over without a hitch, or at least only a little one.

People are in pain. They just are. And for small business owners, one of their primary sources of pain is their computer system. It goes down and so does their business. The more you understand about the challenges facing small businesses, the more easily you can find solutions to their problems. And those solutions are your strongest selling points.

So how do you know what problems small businesses face? You ask. It's as simple as that. Ask around. Do some research on the Internet -- you'll probably find a forum offering some enlightening answers. Send out a survey to local businesses. The more you know about a prospects pain, the more effectively you can sell them.

Learn about dealing with the initial sales call in more depth when you read the whole article (link above).

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