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Saturday, July 15, 2006

IT Sales: How Critical Are Their Needs?

In order to get clients to the next logical step of IT sales, you need to find out the urgency of their needs. The first IT sales meetings should involve proposing a site survey or something that will get prospects to move forward. Sometimes they will be very open to that step, but others will stall the process. There are ways to avoid client stalling in IT sales.

Your job as an IT sales professional is to know how important the IT project is to the clients and figure out how and if they can make it happen. The following questions will help you gauge needs and push clients towards taking the next step:

1. If everything looks possible, when would you want to start the project?

2. How important is this project?

3. When do you want to start the project?

4. What is preventing you from not starting the project immediately?

5. Why hasn’t this project been done in the past?


Perhaps your prospects and clients have looked into this project before and thought it was too expensive. Or maybe they have decided it is an impossible project in general. You should be willing to explain to them alternate solutions that might fit better with their current needs. The solutions might be bigger or require further analysis of their issues.


If you still come up against a brick will even after you get clients to admit the level of urgency, ask direct questions, such as, “When can I follow up with you?” and “When will you be in a better place to discuss this with us again?

Remember that “No” doesn’t mean “No” in IT sales. Your clients might change their minds tomorrow, or they might not. Knowing the difference between a real “no” and a “no” for today is about maximizing knowledge about your prospects, their problems and the immediacy of their needs.

Created By: Computer Consulting Kit